Hello ! My name is Dagný Lára Guðmundsdóttir or Daggala as some call me and I'm a front end developer.

I post here whenever I think of something that could be helpful for other developers out there :)

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MAY 22, 2021

React state not updating immediately?

useState & useReducer

MARCH 15, 2021

Function vs Class Components in React

Hooks vs lifecylces

FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Layout Margins in Styled-Components

How to avoiding creating too many margin wrappers?

JANUARY 23, 2021

Passing Props through Link in react-router

url parameters, state and no state, v5 and v6

NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Truly Protected React Routes

Secure authentication in React

OCTOBER 10, 2020

Conditionals in styled-components

Part 4, on "How to Make Styled-Components More Readable"

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Reusable Media Queries with styled-components

DRY breakpoints

NOVEMBER 13, 2019

How to choose a way to style your javascript app

Styled-components, BEM + vanilla CSS, CSS modules, theme-ui....

OCTOBER 21, 2019

Differentiating between a styled-component and a React component

Part 3, on "How to Make Styled-Components More Readable"

OCTOBER 17, 2019

Do you feel it's messy to mix logic and styles?

Part 2, on "How to Make Styled-Components More Readable"

SEPTEMBER 28, 2019

Easily debug styled-components' random classes

Part 1, on "How to Make Styled-Components More Readable"

AUGUST 15, 2019

Real life styled-components projects

Diving into Spectrum's styled-components source code

JULY 08, 2019

When to use the useReducer() hook?

Why using useReducer when you can use the useState() hook?